Hive Cups Now available!!

US authorized distributors: 

FYT Supplies  Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Cups™ Distributor New York

Mayday Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Cups™ Distributor Illinois

Fusion Ink Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Cups™  Distributor California

Lucky Supply Authorized Hive Caps® Distributor Florida


KingPin Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Caps Deep Distributor Florida

 Kingpin Tattoo Supply


Phucstyx Supply Authorized Hive Caps® and Hive Caps DEEP Distributor Florida

Phucstyx Hive Caps

Electrum Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Caps DEEP and Hive Cups™  Distributor Indiana

Electrum Supply

 Helios Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps® Distributor New York


West Phoenix Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps® Distributor Arizona

 West Phoenix tattoo supply

Painful Pleasures  Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Caps DEEP™  and Hive Cups™  Distributor Maryland

painful pleasures

Needle Supply Co. Authorized Hive Caps Deep® and Hive Cups™  Distributor Arizona

Ultimate Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps®, Hive Cups™  and Hive Armor™  Distributor South Carolina

ultimate tattoo supply south carolina

Pro Source Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps®,  Distributor Michigan


hive caps pro source


Nuclear Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps® Distributor  California

Hive Caps Nuclear Tattoo Supply

Incienco PR Now Available (Puerto Rico)


Rock of Ages Now Available (California)


Coalition Tattoo Supply (Washington)

coalition tattoo supply hive caps

Canada Distributors:

Eikon Tattoo Equipment & Supplies  Authorized Hive Caps® and Hive Caps DEEP Distributor  Canada


Good Guy Tattoo Supply Authorized HiveCaps™ Distributor  Canada

 Good Guy Supply

Costa Rica Distributors:

Bishop Rotary CR  Authorized HiveCaps™ Distributor  Costa Rica


Europe Distributors:

Killer Ink Supply Now Available (Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Finland , Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands)

Baltik Body Art Now Available (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Spain)

Baltik Body Art

Nordic Tattoo Supply Now Available (Finland)


Lucky Supply Now available in Europe!


South Africa Distributors:

Lighthouse Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps Distributor South Africa

Lighthouse Tattoo Supply South Africa

Australia Distributors:

Protatt Tattoo Supply (Australia)

New Zealand Distributors:

Lucky Supply (New Zealand) 

Lucky New Zealand HiveCaps

Russia Distributors: 

Odin Tattoo Shop (Russia)

 Central and South AmericaDistributors:

Freak Factory Needles/Mithostattoo (Central and South America)

Daruma Tattoo Studio (Chile)

Argentina Supplies (Argentina)