About Hive Caps

Almost 2 years after conception, we're so proud to introduce Hive Caps™. Created for the tattoo industry by a tattoo artist. 

Hive Caps™ are an innovative new ink cap for tattooing. This intuitive new design allows for faster and simpler set up, allowing artists to grab, set down and goHive Caps™ are designed to easily snap together to expand the tattoo artists color palette. This important feature allows for countless configurations giving artists the ability to easily create a personalized customization of their set up.  

Hive Caps™ are also reversible, flip them upside down and you'll find a smaller sized ink cap, large and small sizes snap together effortlessly. Another benefit is the ability to stackwhich prevents inks from drying out during longer sessions and minimizes chances for contamination, which is perfect for convention settings. Lastly, an easy 3 level line on the larger cap has been incorporated into the design to help assure reliable mixes from session to session. 

Hive Caps™ are designed to not only improve the ease and efficiency of a tattoo artist's set up, but also to break away quickly for easy disposal. From the hive shaped openings to the angled run off walls with openings for ink overflow, every aspect of design has been considered with the tattoo artist's comfort and enjoyment in mind.

"For years, every time I would set up for a tattoo, I would get frustrated by having to grab one cap. Dipping it in the salve and repeating 8...12..16 + times. I also got tired of the pigments drying up and spilling easily. I tried to consider all these issues while designing Hive Caps. So I really hope you all enjoy working with these, because they were made for you."

-Travis, Inventor and Creator of Hive Caps™


"The most innovative ink cap to hit the market!!"

-Jesse Smith


"I love the versatility of hive caps! It's really nice to be able to choose if I want to use small caps, or large caps based on which side I place on my setup. These caps lock together to make for a stable, no tipping ink cap situation as well.

I also love to take these on the road with me. They are easy to travel with and I don't have a bunch of single caps rolling around in my bags at the end of my trip.
Ink caps are such a small part of our setup as Tattooers that they are often overlooked until you try something like Hive Caps, and you realize how convenient and organized your setup can be."

-Scotty Munster


"Hive Caps are the easiest most efficient caps I've used. They save space so well plus they are dual sized for frugal artist, haha! Don't waste ink, space, or time. Plus they look cool as hell!"

-Phil Garcia
Eight Thirty Eight Gallery



Hive Caps measurements   2.4"L x  1.38"W  x  .75"H

Outside the US, please visit our Convention and Distributor section for a list of International Authorized Distributors.